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Why Choose a Professional for Antenna Installation?

Whether you’ve purchased a house that’s brand new or you have an older home with an outdated antenna, you’ll have to install a new TV antenna. Although many homeowners may opt to install their new antenna themselves, hiring a professional for outdoor or indoor antenna installation is the smarter choice. Prolec Electrical & Data Services is a trusted provider of digital TV antenna installation in Melbourne, backed by many years of experience. Below, we take a look at why homeowners should hire a professional antenna installer to do this work for them.


Many homeowners may feel that they’re very careful when they do work on their roof, but the fact is that anyone is at risk of falling off and seriously hurting themselves when working at heights. A professional outdoor antenna installation provider knows how to work on roofs with obstacles such as trees, gutters and skylights, as well as in different weather conditions that might be too difficult and unsafe for some homeowners. Likewise, an indoor antenna installation provider knows how to work with the power cables inside the walls and roof of the house without causing any safety issues.

Save Time

Professional indoor and outdoor antenna installation providers have the skills, expertise and equipment to install all types of digital TV antennas, meaning they can complete any installation job faster than doing it yourself. Not only will they finish the installation work quickly, but they’ll also do it without taking any shortcuts and will know the ideal place to install the antenna.


Melbourne homeowners who decide to install their new antenna themselves will need to do a lot of research and preparation beforehand. They’ll need to get the correct equipment for the job, such as tools, a ladder, fixings and safety gear, all of which will cost money. There are also electrical and safety regulations that need to be factored in. By getting in touch with a company that provides digital TV antenna installation in Melbourne, homeowners won’t have to worry about these concerns and can sit back and relax while the job is done for them.

Fewer Signal Disruptions

By arranging professional antenna installation, homeowners can expect fewer television signal disruptions. A professional antenna installer will make sure that the antenna is placed in the most suitable spot and that it’s in proper working condition before they leave. However, in the event that there are issues with the television signal, the installer can come back and rectify the problem.


All professional indoor and outdoor antenna installation providers should be fully insured for both their staff and their customers. Antenna installers have to work at heights which can pose an injury risk. Insurance means the worker is fully covered in case an accident does occur. The work the installer carries out is also insured if any damage is caused during the installation process. The installation provider’s insurance will cover the costs related to fixing this damage so the homeowner won’t be left out of pocket.

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