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Prolec Electrical & Data Services offers a Melbourne emergency electrician service to resolve urgent electrical problems.

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Are you a homeowner or business proprietor based in Melbourne’s northern suburbs with an urgent electrical problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible? Prolec Electrical & Data Services offers emergency electrical repair services that are designed to resolve your electrical problem promptly.


We’ll send an emergency electrician northern suburbs homes and businesses can depend on to fix the problem fast. No matter if you’re specifically looking for an emergency electrician in Kew, Heidelberg, Doncaster, Eltham or elsewhere in the area, our emergency electrician in Melbourne will come and help you as soon as possible.



Prolec Electrical & Data Services takes the safety of you and your family very seriously. When it comes to protecting your home, we urge our domestic customers to contact our residential emergency electrician in Melbourne as soon as an electrical issue is noticed. Our emergency electricians are trained to quickly spot safety hazards with electrical panels, electrical breakers, smoke detectors and other electrical devices typically located in domestic properties.



Prolec Electrical & Data Services understands how electrical issues can affect a business’s productivity and reputation, and therefore how quickly such issues need to be fixed. Business proprietors can contact our commercial same day electrician for any electrical issue. Our emergency electricians can assist offices, retail stores, supermarkets, community centres, entertainment venues and many other types of commercial premises.



Electrical Shocks

A water leak that gets into your fuse box can increase the risk of electrocution, putting the lives of you and your family in danger. Our emergency electrical repair service can come to you to fix the problem and stop electrical shocks from occurring.

Electrical Fires

Many house fires start due to electrical faults that have gone unnoticed, such as overloaded power boards or faulty sockets. For your own safety, don’t wait to call our Melbourne emergency electrician who can stop such fires from starting.

Power Outage/Failure

Your power might go out due to a faulty appliance or an electrical overload. Our electrician on call can come and inspect your system, determine what caused the power outage to occur, and restore operation.

Blown Fuses

Usually, a blown fuse occurs due to an overloaded circuit. If you need emergency electrical repair for a fuse box on short notice, you can count on Prolec Electrical & Data Services to sort it out for you.

Safety Switch Tripping

If your safety switchboard keeps tripping, it’s most likely due to faulty wiring or a defective appliance. Our electrician on call can assess the situation, find the cause and quickly repair it.

Burnt Smells

If any of your electrical system outlets or light switches give off burnt smells, this is a serious problem. Call us today for our electrician’s emergency service.

Sparks or Smoke

If you see electrical safety hazards, don’t wait to call our licensed Melbourne emergency electrician. Our emergency electrical repair is the best way to guarantee your family’s safety against larger electrical problems.

Air Conditioning Faults

Has your air conditioner stopped working when you need it most? Call our same day electrician now! We have experience fixing all kinds of air conditioning brands and models and can fix your unit too.

Power Point Faults

Power points can overload if there are too many appliances plugged in at the same time or if any devices are using a higher amperage than the circuit is capable of supplying. Our electricians emergency team can resolve power point problems in no time!

Flickering or Broken Lights

Lights can start to flicker or become broken as a result of a faulty light fixture, loose light plug or defective dimmer switch. Prolec Electrical & Data Services can fix any issues you may have with flickering or broken lights.

Appliance Faults

Prolec Electrical & Data Services understands how crucial it is to fix faulty electrical appliances as quickly as possible. Our emergency electrician in the northern suburbs of Melbourne can travel to your house and get your appliances working optimally once again.

Smoke Alarm Faults

Smoke detectors can become covered by dust and airborne particles that can make them not work as well as they should. Our emergency electrician has the skills and equipment needed to fix any issues your smoke alarms may have.

Call Our Emergency Electrician Today

Have you been wondering “where can I find an emergency electrician near me?” Our emergency electricians are available right now to help with your electrical emergency. Get in touch immediately by calling us on (03) 9917 4239, or contact us online if you need a same day electrician in Melbourne who can quickly resolve your problem.


What services does an emergency electrician provide?

We employ qualified emergency electricians who can handle complex faults without any hassle. Our skilled emergency electrician can assist you with power outrages, blown fuses, smoke alarm faults, air conditioning faults and more.

Do you offer commercial emergency electrical services?

At Prolec Electrical & Data Services, we offer emergency electrical services for both residential and commercial properties depending on the situation. Our skilled emergency electrician in Melbourne is well-trained to assess commercial properties and perform any necessary work to avoid hazardous situations.

Do you provide a same day electrician service?

We provide a same day electrician service to avoid the risk of accidents and property damage. Hiring a same day electrician in Melbourne is the best way to keep your property safe if you’ve identified an urgent issue.

Are your emergency electricians well-trained?

Yes, our emergency electricians in Melbourne have a wealth of knowledge regarding home electrical faults and can provide a range of solutions. Our skilled emergency electrician in Kew can also assist with commercial properties such as retail stores and other commercial spaces.

My query is not mentioned, who should I contact for further information?

If you have further questions for our emergency electrician in the Northern Suburbs, you can reach us by calling (03) 9917 4239

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