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Switchboard Upgrade in Melbourne


Prolec Electrical & Data Services has been carrying out commercial and domestic electrical switchboard upgrade services in Melbourne for over 10 years. We’ve worked on many different switchboard electrical installation jobs throughout this time, and thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to resolve all kinds of common electrical switchboard related problems that may arise. No matter how old your electrical switchboard is, how it’s set up, or how difficult the job is, you can rely on our certified switchboard electrician to take care of it safely and promptly.

Residential Switchboard Upgrade

Many older homes have out-of-date porcelain fuse boards that don’t come with an electrical safety switch, which can pose a serious fire and safety hazard. Homeowners that hire Prolec Electrical & Data Services for a domestic electrical switchboard upgrade can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their new automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches will protect their family and ensure their valuable appliances aren’t affected by electrical faults.

Commercial Switchboard Upgrade

Businesses need to have continued and safe access to electricity while ensuring their electrical mains are in good condition and safe for use. Prolec Electrical & Data Services offers commercial switchboard upgrade inspection and switchboard replacement services to Melbourne based businesses across all sectors. Our commercial switchboard electrician has the necessary training and experience to upgrade and repair all types of electrical mains.

What We Can Do For You

  • Switchboard electrical installation services
  • Switchboard upgrade inspection services
  • Electrical switchboard replacement services

Reasons Why a Switchboard Upgrade May Be Required


  • Older switchboards don’t provide the same level of electrical safety protection that modern systems do.
  • Your old switchboard might not be in compliance with current Australian electrical safety regulations.
  • Old wiring can loosen over time, which can cause overheating or fire.
  • Older switchboards aren’t capable of meeting modern electrical supply requirements, and therefore can become overheated, regularly trip the circuit breakers, or be a fire risk.

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