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Meter Box Upgrade Services in Melbourne


Electric meter boxes (commonly referred to as fuse boxes, or meter panel ) may require relocating or upgrading if they get damaged or if a property is being renovated. Prolec Electrical & Data Services can assist by providing both residential and commercial customers with first-class electrical meter box relocation, repair and upgrade services. No matter what it is you need, we can get it done in no time. Our certified fuse box electrician will take care of every facet of the fuse box upgrade or fuse box repair service work required and ensure that your meter box is compliant with all relevant Australian electrical safety standards.

Residential Meter Box Upgrade Services

Are you looking to get a new or upgraded meter box that will safely fulfil your home’s electrical needs? Prolec Electrical & Data Services is the team to call. Our expert fuse box electrician is just a call away for when your home needs a fuse box upgrade or a fuse box repair service. We’re well-trained and understand all the electrical needs of modern homes, meaning we can recommend a suitable solution that will help to keep your family safe and your appliances in good working order.

Commercial Meter Box Upgrade Services

Prolec Electrical & Data Services understands that having an inadequate supply of power can cause damage to the equipment and appliances in your workplace and hinder productivity, or even worse, risk the safety of your employees. Our commercial fuse box electrician can inspect your meter box to determine if your electrical installation is up to the latest electrical safety standards. After doing so, our electrician will carry out any electrical fuse box replacement or repair work needed to ensure safely and compliance.

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To ensure that your home or place of business is electrically safe, get in touch with Prolec Electrical & Data Services for an electrical fuse box replacement or fuse box repair service. Call us on (03) 9917 4239 or contact us online today.

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