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5 Benefits of Organising NBN Home Cabling Installation

Despite how omnipresent digital technology and fast internet is, most households in Melbourne still only have one or two data and network sockets that help them get internet access. The National Broadband Network (NBN) provides homeowners with faster internet speeds that the old copper wire network was not capable of providing. At Prolec Electrical & Data Services, we have a team of experienced NBN cabling contractors who can assist with all your NBN cabling requirements. Below, we explain five benefits that Melbourne homeowners can experience when they organise NBN home cabling installation.

1. Faster Speeds

The benefit that most homeowners will enjoy most is the faster speeds of NBN. An NBN internal installation can provide internet speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second (Mbps). This is a major upgrade in speed compared to what the old copper wire network was capable of, providing users with a faster and more enjoyable experience.

2. More Dependable

The NBN is far more reliable than the old copper wire network was. When NBN home cabling is installed, the internet is far less likely to fail or experience difficulties, as it uses various technologies that are more dependable. That means that users should be able to maintain their internet connection at all times.

3. Improved Lifestyle & Capabilities

Having a faster internet connection can give you more opportunities for working and entertaining at home. You’ll have access to information online, be able to communicate via video conferencing programs such as Zoom, and have a variety of entertainment options available, such as video and music streaming services. Anyone that works from home will find it easier to do so, as they’ll have a reliable internet connection that enables them to better communicate with colleagues and clients.

4. Can Be Used Across Multiple Devices

Having access to faster internet speeds allows all members of the family to use multiple devices at the same time without experiencing any dropout or delays. Everyone in the family will want time to do their own thing with their own device, and as such, a reliable internet connection is crucial. Having NBN cabling installed in the home is the best way to keep everyone happy.

5. NBN Can be Installed at Any Time

Both new and older homes can get NBN home cabling installed at any time. Although it’s recommended to get NBN internal cabling installed when a house is being built or renovated, a professional NBN cable installer can also install cabling in older houses with ease.

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