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Call today to find out how we can help you create your new space. Whether it be a residential, commercial or industrial project, we will quote, design and install all of your electrical needs. We will complete your project on time and in budget whilst maintaining top quality service and communication with out client.
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Underground & Civil

Electrical Work in Melbourne

We are the experts in underground & civil electrical Melbourne. We value our customers and guarantee our work. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Prolec Electrical & Data Services is a Melbourne based company that can undertake any type of civil electrical work. Our team of electrical civil contractors will work with your construction company, engineers and contractors to install your entire underground infrastructure. We can install underground electrical conduit, pits, marking tapes, and cabling and cable covers for all commercial, residential and industrial projects. Our services adhere to all Australian regulations and safety standards.

Residential Civil Electrical Services

Prolec Electrical & Data Services offers residential underground electrical conduit and underground car park lighting services to households Melbourne wide. Our knowledgeable electrical civil contractors will ensure that all necessary cables are placed safely under the ground, helping to prevent any accidents from occurring while preserving your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Civil Electrical Services

If your organisation is constructing a shopping centre, office building, motel, government building or any other type of major commercial building project, it’s important to have the best team of commercial electrical civil contractors working with you. Prolec Electrical & Data Services’ commercial electrical civil contractors have the knowledge and expertise needed to successful complete underground electrical conduit, underground car park lighting and infrastructure construction projects.

Our Civil Electrical Services Include:

  • Bollard and car park lighting – We can design, install and erect a car park lighting solution for your commercial premises.
  • New residential, commercial and industrial developments  – We will lay all your underground infrastructure to accommodate underground power supply and lead in communications cabling as well as electric gates and underground car park lighting systems.
  • Fault finding – We can assist in locating underground faults and carrying out repairs.


Please note, we are not limited to the specific services listed above. For more information about related civil electrical services, please contact our electrical civil contractors.

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